Park Road Practice (Rosyth)

Practice Text Message Service

The Practice operates a text messaging service which will remind Patients about appointments booked with Clinicians here at the Practice. The service will automatically deliver an SMS appointment reminder to your mobile phone the day before your appointment. You will be able to text us back if you wish to cancel the appointment. In this way we hope to release all available appointments for those Patients who need them.

Please note that for reasons of confidentiality, a mobile phone number will only be able to receive appointment reminders for one Patient and the Patient must consent to joining the service. We will not send texts to Patients aged under 16 years.

Text requests for appointments, repeat prescriptions or any other requests will not be accepted and will not be responded to.

Patients can sign up for the service either by completing a form which is available from Reception or by completing the online consent form below.

Those Patients who opt in to the service must remember to tell us if they change their mobile telephone number in order that we can update our records.


By submitting this form I consent to the Practice contacting me by text message for the purposes of health promotion and or appointment reminders.

I acknowledge that appointment reminders are an additional service and that they may not be sent on all occasions but that the responsibility for attending appointments or cancelling them still rests with me. I can cancel the text message facility at any time.

Text messages are generated using a secure facility but I understand that they are transmitted over a public network onto a personal telephone and as such may not be secure however the Practice will not transmit any information which would enable an individual patient to be identified.