Park Road Practice (Rosyth)


Our Library has a number of useful links to a variety of information sources. Some will provide you with information leaflets whilst others will provide a direct link to other useful websites. Simply click on the blue title to download the leaflet you would like to read or visit your chosen website.

Useful Website Information


Health Information provides a useful source of health information

Moodcafe provides a link to a resource provided by NHS Fife Clinical Psychology & Public Health Departments. At “Moodcafe” information and resources are available on the following:

  • Help in overcoming common psychological problems
  • Information about Mental Health Groups & services in Fife
  • Learning Disabilities

Fife Carers Centre provides a link to Fife Carers Centre who provide support to those in a Caring role including:

  • Information and advice e.g. entitlement to benefits or respite
  • Emptional and practical supportmincluding representation
  • Help to access existing Carers’ services

Living With My Condition provides a link to care available to Patients of the Practice out of hours. The new Scottish Support Groups Directory provides information on a wide range of health-related local and national organisations and is accessed through the NHS 24 website. The Directory is accessed by clicking on the purple box on the homepage.

Safe Summer In Scotland Information Links

We all hope for a good summer to enjoy the outdoors in Scotland regardless of what the weather brings! However, it is important we remember to stay safe whatever activity we participate in.

The main information sources available to the public to help them stay safe and well are as follows:

NHS Inform –


Ready Scotland –

Stroke 4 Carers

This website aims to offer advice, information & support to stroke carers & their families whenever they need it, from time of diagnosis to the end of their carer role.

Click on the link below to visit the website.

Veterans Assist Scotland

This newly funded Scottish Government funded website provides a vast range of contact information for veterans and Armed Forces leavers across financial, health, employment, education, housing and pensions support, as well as information on resettlement, veterans charities, regimental associations and much more besides. Click on the link below to visit the website.

Prostate Scotland

This website includes a wealth of information for men and their families on prostate disease some of which can be downloaded. Click on the link below to visit the website.

Ramblers Scotland

This recently developed resource encourages and supports independent and group walking. The website contains lots of interesting and useful information, including a downloadable 12 week walk programme to help the less active get started.

Scottish Backs

The website to go to if you have back pain. Find the best advice, support and factual information on this website.

Further Practice Information


Information on the range of medical services provided by the Practice.

Information for Patients of the Practice relating to the Practice’s involvement in the education of Medical

FEAT is a mental health charity established in Fife for the last 18 years. FEAT aims to support those with a mental health condition return to work.

Information for Patients of the Practice relating to the collection of data.