Park Road Practice (Rosyth)


  • Post your request in the white door to the side of the building
  • Please use the on line form (see link below)  ” You can request any medication this way even if it is not on your repeat slip,  we will put the request through to the Dr to authorise –  link to the form
  • Fax your request on 01383 419007.
  • By post to the Surgery.

Please note – the following information must be provided when requesting a repeat prescription:

  • Patient’s name and date of birth
  • Actual name of medication (as prescribed by your GP) and quantity required
  • Name of the Pharmacy you wish your prescription to go to

We DO NOT take prescription requests over the telephone unless you are housebound. It will be noted on your record if you are.  If you think you are and it has not been noted we will pass a message through to the Dr for authorisation and contact you to advised if you are now noted as housebound. 

Early requests and ordering your medication 

If your request is more than two weeks  before the due date of your medication it will not be processed, but held in the surgery and will be processed on the date the medication is due.

Collection of Prescriptions 

All prescriptions are to be sent to pharmacy of your choice, collections are only allowed if urgent, all patients MUST nominate a pharmacy  to collect on your behalf, you will then only need to go direct to the pharmacy.

Time scales 

Please allow 2 working days for your request to be processed, should your prescription be sent direct to the pharmacy you may need to allow approx 7 days for the pharmacy to process the prescription. This is outwith our control. We may not always be able to process prescriptions early to allow for this as it is the way pharmacies work and not the practice. Should your request be urgent please note this on your request.

On line Request form: