Practice Access Audit Report


Access Report 14/15 – Information for Patients.


The Practice conducted an audit of appointment requests, prescription requests and patient queries for one week. The reason for this was to assess demand vs. capacity.

The results of this audit are shown below.

Queries and Requests

 On the first day of the audit Receptionists recorded the first 100 queries.

 29% of these were a medication query.

25% of these were to make an appointment.

21% of these were prescription queries.

25% of these were regarding other matters such as sick lines, private letter requests, test results etc.


Appointment Requests

Data was collected over a full week. 378 appointment requests were made. 

31% of appointment requests were for pre bookable GP appointments

30% of appointment requests were for a same day GP appointment.

31% of appointment requests were for a Nurse appointment.

5% of appointment requests were for a same day Nurse appointment.

3% of appointment requests were for other appointments.


Lost and Extra Appointments

During the week that was audited there were 30 DNA’s. 

13 of these were appointments with the GP. 

28 patients cancelled an appointment. 

8 appointments were cancelled by the Practice. 

15 unused GP appointments in the week.

 47 unused Nurse appointments in the week. 

5 extra patients were seen by a GP. 

1 extra patient was seen by a Nurse.


What does the analysis tell us?

It would appear that we have a tendency to operate as an emergency service as our main service, rather than as well as. This is reflected in the number of requests for a same day appointment on a daily basis.


As a Practice we need to review our same day capacity vs. our routine capacity.

This will hopefully assist in a shorter waiting time for the first routine appointment and a reduction in the amount of DNA’s we experience.


Actions that have been taken.

We have trialled removing the telephone appointment slots between 2-3pm on a Monday afternoon and instead having face to face appointments available for patients.

This has worked well and will be rolled out for every day in August.

 We hope that this will allow for shorter waiting times for appointments.

 We have added more same day slots on days of high demand, for example Mondays.

 We will undertake a review of the tasks and structure of the Duty Doctor session. 

This audit will be repeated this year and the results compared to the previous year to assess any improvements that have been made.